Effect of a Sport Drink on Reaction Time

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  • Published : September 22, 2011
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Effect Of A Sport Drink On Reaction Time

Doing heavy sport such as run marathon or exercise in the gym can produce much sweat. Produce too much sweat could have a significant loss of fluid and electrolytes in the body such as potassium and calcium. This can cause symptoms from fatigue and reduction in exercise performance to more serious conditions such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke (Leong, 2007). Drinking water after exercise helps to restore water balance in the body. Drinking sport drink, which contain sugar and electrolytes, can replace the electrolytes that loss in the body. Nerve and muscle contraction can be measured by monitoring changes in reaction time to find the effect of sport drink. The reaction time will be smaller after drinking sport drink than water. Key word : electrolytes, sport drink, exercise, reaction time, water Introduction

When you are doing exercise, you will lose much fluid, sugar and electrolytes in the body. Water helps to restore water balance in the body. Sport drink contains sugar and electrolytes. Sugars provide the fuel for cellular respiration. Electrolytes are essential for nerve and muscle action (handout homeostasis). The purpose of the experiment is to test the effect of the sport drink on reaction time. The hypothesis is the person who is drinking sport drink such as Gatorade after doing exercise, will have lower reaction time. Sport drink can replace sugar and electrolytes that loss in the body. However, the person who is drinking water after doing exercise, will have higher reaction time. Many athletes prefer drinking sport drink than drinking water after exercise. Material and Methods

Figure 1 : Experimental set up
The material and apparatus that were use : 200 ml Gatorade, 200 ml water, stopwatch, 30 cm ruler. First, two people ran up and down the basketball court for 10 minutes. Next, measure their reaction time of each person and record. After that, one person drink 200 ml...
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