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Topics: Glycogen, Metabolism, Muscle Pages: 3 (588 words) Published: February 24, 2013

Effects of chocolate milk on
Physiology of Exercise: KINE 3315- 003
Natasha Hernandez
February 21 2013
Dr. Judy R. Wilson

Chapter 1 Introduction
Supplementation is essential for performance, but is energy drinks or sports drinks the best source of nutrients when replenishing glycogen store? The project that I am conducting is concerning the impact of the consumption of chocolate milk and its effects on protein turnover, muscle glycogen and performance during recovery from endurance exercise (2). The research regarding this material is relevant because it can possibly affect the way individuals replenish their glycogen stores following exercise to further improve their performance and over all fitness.

Physiological Area
Exercise can be damaging to the muscles, the damage that the muscle endure following a challenging or new exercise can take the form of soreness. Muscle soreness is attributable to the decline in carbohydrate stores and protein stores in the muscle during exercise. The decline in the body’s energy stores result in damage to the muscle that is preforming the exercise, which inversely causes soreness. Due to this occurrence it has been scientifically proven that replenishing depleted glycogen stores following exercise is imperative (1).

The purpose of the experiment is to examine the effects of chocolate milk on performance physiology and fitness. It has been hypothesized that chocolate milk is a more efficient way to replenish energy stores due to its impact on the “muscle protein fractional synthetic rate, where signaling molecules” of the skeletal muscle trigger protein turnover enabling the individual to perform more efficiently; opposed to energy drinks and water.

Key terms:
Aerobic- in the presence of oxygen
Carbohydrate- Energy component of diet: a biological compound containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that is an important source of food...
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