Effect of Student Elections on Gpa

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“A 10% failure rate in Lebanese universities! What happened?” wrote the famous editor and write Khalil Hanna in one of the newspapers. He continued his piece talking about the elections in the universities.

One can’t but ask those questions: Should university heads allow such event on campus? Are students benefiting from their university’s educational experience, or are they investing their time in preparations for elections, thus risking the whole semester?

Our universities are now encountering a dangerous phenomenon, which they are not aware of, and they are not dealing with it seriously. The community we are living in is suffering from young damage of brains. How? The elections taking place at the universities are burning the students’ efforts and causing loss of skills and capabilities they possess.

As a result of this matter, this proposal has been executed with high accuracy and consideration mainly for the students involved in such act, and on the other hand to the parents who are not aware of their children’s entourage at the university. This way, the problem will be uncovered and it will be proved whether or not the student elections are affecting the grade point average of the students.


Here, the problem will be illustrated and emphasized by the sub-problems addressed. For instance, the elections that take place at universities have many negative influences on the students’ lives. In other words, during the election period, most of the students pass through a critical stage that confuses them. Thus, they begin losing contact with the university as a place to learn, having less time to study, getting involved in extracurricular activities, grouping together, and participating in electoral meetings. This will lead them to miss their classes, drop their courses, and eventually have a low grade point average.

To help investigate this issue that is being discussed, the following problem will be addressed in this study: How are the elections negatively influencing NDU students’ academic progress at the university? To answer this question, the following sub problems were addressed:

1.Are electoral and extracurricular activities blocking the students’ way to success?

2.Are students cutting out study hours to replace them by hours for electoral work?

3.Do conflicts among students weaken the bond among them causing distraction from the

academic life?

Although the whole community suffers from this problem and from its consequences, no attempt will be made to generalize the findings beyond NDU. This study will be limited to NDU students; sophomores, juniors, and seniors only. Knowing that elections have much more effects on the lives of the students rather than their academic life only, the scope of this study will be restricted only to its effect on their academic progress and grade point average.


Our custom designed survey included 50 students from different faculties. Each of the students surveyed was provided with the questionnaire shown. 30 students responded.

The data provided by the survey was evaluated and compared with data from different sources to determine the influence of elections on the students’ academic progress at the university.



In order to find out if students felt the problems engulfing their surroundings, a questionnaire was distributed among students from different faculties at NDU. Although many diverse answers were obtained, they all revealed the fact that NDU students are conscious of the problem they are facing, and showed their willingness to work on themselves in order to progress and mark their steps at their university.


When the students were asked to describe the atmosphere of the university around election time, the results were as shown in figure 1....
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