Effect of Stress

Topics: Stress, Anxiety, Health Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: June 26, 2011
While there's a wealth of information available about the effects of stress, it can be stressful trying to wade through it all! Here are 10 important facts about the effects of stress that can go a long way in helping you understand stress and its role in your life. This can help you quickly and easily learn more about the effects of stress and find some effective stress management techniques to incorporate into your life right now.

1. The Wrong Attitude Significantly Increases Your Stress Level We all experience stress, but the pessimists, perfectionists, and those with 'type A' personalities (to name a few) greatly increase the level of stress they experience in a given event, and even bring more stressful events into their lives with their self sabotage thought and behavior patterns. If you have some of these tendencies, you can significantly reduce the level of stress you experience with these resources on stress and self sabotage.

2. Some Types of Stress Can Be Beneficial
A certain type of stress, eustress, is actually necessary and beneficial for a balanced and exciting life. Eustress is the type of stress you experience when you're riding a roller-coaster (if you enjoy fast rides), are playing a fun game, or are falling in love. Eustress makes us feel vital and alive. (Chronic stress, however, is another story!) If you're interested in learning more about the different types of stress and how they affect your health, read this article on stress and health. 3. You Can Stop Your Stress Reaction Right Now

When you experience stress, all manner of physiological changes occur to get you in top physical shape to fight or run. Unfortunately, if you don't calm yourself down relatively quickly, you could remain in this altered state for too long, and it could take a toll on your health. Practicing stress relievers like breathing exercises and meditation can calm you down quickly, returning your body to normal. Read more on how to calm down quickly.

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