Effect of Media on Creating National Identity

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▪ Introduction……………………………….2
▪ Literature review………………………….4
▪ References………………………………….10 ▪ Hypothesis………………………………….11 ▪ Methodology………………………………..11
Type of study
Theoretical framework

A nation is a group of people who share common history, culture, language and ethnic origin often possessing or seeking its own government. National identity refers to the distinguish features of group and to the individual’ sense of belonging to it. In some case even a little difference in pronunciation is enough to categorize a person as a member of different nation but in some cases two people may be separated by language, culture, geographical location etc categorized in some culture. There are some ingredients below which make the person’s national identity: Common language: It the main ingredient in the making of the nation. Without the common language nation cannot be evolve. Also to deal with everyday affairs within a group of a people living in a specified boundary need a common mean of communication to trade and socialize. Thus even a group of people even of different culture and history but sharing common language would still consider themselves attached to their respective nations as long as they share the same language. Common history: A nation can be constructed around a common history i.e. chronologically recorded events in the past, their ancestors have gone through. Common religion: Religion can also present a person’s national identity. Religion is sometimes used as a defining factor for a nation. Common culture: culture is very essential factor in presenting national identity. People having the same culture can easily be recognized by other that they have same national identity. Common origin: if people are living in common geographical area whether they have different culture, language, religion then they are suppose to be belonging to the same national identity.

There must be a medium who should promote national identity among the people of a nation and also among other people of different nations and in every country this important task is performing by media. It may be print media or electronic media, both are performing their roles. This research will focus on both electronic and print media. Our Pakistani media is performing this role since Pakistan came into being and still it is playing strong role in developing national identity through various dramas, national songs, articles, books and dances. National identity can be found in traditional clothes, which tend to be sleek and shiny. Our songs also help in defining us. They are fluid and shrill and contain many solitary voices. There is also distinct movement of our dances, which focus attention on our hands and feet. There are several books written on national identity which depicts our history and present. These all things are promotes by media only. Research question:

What is the role Pakistani media in developing the sense of national identity? What time has been chosen by media in showing national identity programs? Objectives of the study:
• In this hard time period in pakistan where there are many conflicts are taking place like among provinces so the aim of the study will be that how media is promoting national identity in this time period. • Another objective of the study will be that in globalization where same culture is taking place rapidly because of the bombardment of the international channels so how Pakistani media is promoting national identity to stop this phenomenon. • This study will contain that how media is showing its nation to the people and what is the image of nation on people minds.

Significance of the study:
1. In the field of mass communication this research will help us to know about that media in Pakistan affect on the people living in Pakistan. 2. This study will help us in understanding...
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