Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen Applied as Foliar Spray on the Yield of Mature Tea Under Different Agro-Ecological Conditions

Topics: Tea, Fertilizer, Camellia sinensis Pages: 11 (2996 words) Published: June 7, 2012
Shinkiari, Mansehra

Dated: 09-02-2012

Sub: Research Paper for publication

Find enclosed herewith a paper entitled “EFFECT OF DIFFERENT LEVELS OF NITROGEN APPLIED AS FOLIAR SPRAY ON THE YIELD OF MATURE TEA UNDER DIFFERENT AGRO-ECOLOGICAL CONDITIONS.” for publication in your reputed Journal. Hard copy of the paper will be sent by post.

It is requested that above mentioned paper may please be published in next coming issue of your Journal.

Submitted for further necessary action please.

Shamsul Islam)
Managing Editor,
Directorate of Publication, PARC


Shamsul Islam*,Qamar-uz-Zaman*,Fayaz Ahmad*, Sohail Aslam* ,Sajjad Hussain* and F.S.Hamid*


A study was conducted during 2009-10 at three locations of Districts Mansehra & Battagram to evaluate the impact of different levels of Nitrogen(Ammonium sulphate) applied by foliar application method on the yield of mature tea bushes. The mature tea gardens selected for the study were at National Tea Research Institute, farmer’s field in Tehsil Oghi (District Mansehra) & Kuza Banda (District Battagram). Basal doses of P and K were applied in the form of Di-Ammonium Phosphate and Sulphate of Potash respectively @ 30 kg acre-1 each while N was applied in the form of Ammonium Sulphate as foliar spray in three split doses. The experiment was laid in Randomized Complete Block Design with split plot arrangements replicated three times. Different levels of nitrogen were 0, 30, 60, 90 and 120 kg acre-1. It was observed that nitrogen level@120 kg/acre increased fresh leaves yield significantly (2199 to3768 kg/acre),made tea production (439.75 to753.75 kg/acre) and shoot length ( 35.75 to 56.75 cm), at NTRI followed by Battagram with fresh leaves yield(1634.50 to 2458.25 kg/acre) , made tea production (329.75 to491.75 kg/acre) and shoot length ( 26.75 to 43.00) and Oghi with fresh leaves yield ( 1592.50 to 2391.00 kg/acre) , made tea production ( 318.50 to 478.25 kg/acre) and shoot length ( 32.00 t0 46.00) over control, respectively. The interaction between treatments x locations were highly significant for fresh leaves yield and made tea production but non-significant for shoot length.

KEY WORDS: Camellia sinensis, ammonium sulphate fertilizer, foliar spray, locations, agronomic characters, Pakistan._______________________________

* Director National Tea Research Institute Shinkiari, Mansehra. Pakistan


Tea (Camellia sinensis L.) is consumed more than any other liquid except water. Majority of the people of all ages have historically enjoyed the infusion from tree as a beverage as well as for its medicinal properties. Tea is normally grown as a long-term monoculture and fertilization plays a vital role for its economic production. Modern research has shown that tea indeed have many health affecting qualities and numerous publications extolling the benefits of tea have contributed to the tremendous growth in its consumption in Pakistan (Hamid et. al. 2002). The prospective tea growing areas of Pakistan are located at altitudes ranging from 1000-2000 m with varying soil pH ranging from 5.0-6.5 and where the annual rainfall is more than 1000 mm with annual average temperature ranging from 10.7-22.8 0C (Hamid et. al. 2002).

The productivity of crop plants is often reduced by a variety of environmental stresses particularly by nutrient deficiency. Generally 16 nutrients are essential for normal plant growth and crop production. Plants derive three major nutrients from air and water,...
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