Educational Psychology Essay

Topics: Learning, Education, Knowledge Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: January 9, 2012
REFLECTION ESSAY ON LEARNING EXPERIENCES for Educational Psychology Cecille Ann C. Pilapil, MS, MA, CIOP

Name of Student: KO, KATHERINE Y.
Section: 2PSY4

| | |I really want to be a teacher. Children are my passion and it has always been my biggest dream to help them, to impart my knowledge to them, | |and to be able to understand and relate to them. In this world that rapidly changes and grows, the role of a teacher proves very essential in | |every child’s process of learning. | | | |In the past, I admit that I used to take the “easy way out” in studying; I relied immensely on rote memorization to pass my subjects. I would | |spend hours and hours just memorizing different terms and concepts, without truly understanding what this or that means. It was not that I | |didn’t care about the courses I took, but only because I wanted to have high grades and I thought that just memorizing everything would make | |it easier, but soon came to understand that it simply did not. When it came to practical situations, I had a rather difficult time applying | |myself. I didn’t know how to put words into action, and I became quite anxious because if I wanted to be successful in the future, I had to | |learn how to adapt. If I wanted to be a teacher, first, I had to appreciate the process of learning and understanding. | | | |What I really loved about my Educ Psych class is that I was able to learn a lot through doing...
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