Happy Teacher

Topics: Teacher, Education, School Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: March 22, 2013
A Narrative Report on Practice Teaching 2011- 2012
Maria Regina D. Gile

My parents would always tell me how I dreamed of becoming a teacher in the future. I would usually be found holding a book and a pen, scribbling some notes and cutting off sheets of paper. A chalk and a board was my favourite, they would say, with matching pointing stick. I guess ever since, I find teachers so majestic and powerful and smart that made me want to be one.

That was BEFORE not until now. Not today. I want to become a fashion designer, an interior designer, anything that has to do with the Arts. I love anything related to it. Colours, pegs, pencils, paintbrushes, everything. That is what I want. But you see, not all that we want, we get. This is what I want but I’m taking up what I don’t want. BS Education. Well for one it’s because a lot of people look at it as a low profession. Second, monetarily speaking, it does not tantamount to all the works to be done and efforts exerted. And lastly, my patience level? Err. Below Average. I cannot tolerate slow learners, or mentally challenged ones, or whatever you call them. I just am not comfortable with that. But fate brought me here. God brought me here. Although hard to accept, I had to.

The first few years of me being an Education Student went quite well. I got high satisfactory grades, loved by teachers and gained friends. Everything was going well. I could get used to this, I thought to myself. Four years and I still haven’t shifted. Cool. And in my fourth year, the “total defining moment” has finally arrived; and that is to Practice Teaching- in an unfamiliar environment- just us- no back- up. Oh great, I thought. I better ready myself. I cannot back out! THIS IS A REQUIREMENT! I NEED TO DO IT IN ORDER TO GRADUATE! And so i did.

I entered the room sheepishly with all eyes on me. Not to mention the slight murmurs children made and slight laughs. Boom- boom- boom! My heart went. I was...
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