Education Today Is Not a Privilege but a Necessity

Topics: Caribbean, Education, School Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Education today is not a privilege but a necessity
Education today is indeed not a privilege but a necessity for our younger generation. Education is the key to all success as we know it. Every person has the right to be educated. It was scientifically proven by the faculty of education, University of the West Indies from a surveyed carried out by various schools in the Caribbean that 15% of the students view education as a privilege to them and as a result they feel as though they have advantage of the others who are not up to their standards. However, they later realise that the same persons whom they think are not up to their standards achieve higher positions later on in life. Whereas 75% of the students know that education is a necessity and tries to help their other colleagues to better themselves in order for their country or region to be a better developed district. Because they are made aware of the struggles that person faced in the early centuries and as a result to their knowledge they do not want to go back in those times. Where everyone worked for nothing and was being treated like slaves for the white men. However, we the society have to educate our young generation of the benefits of education and they great things that can be achieved when u have these qualities in your life. We should advise the government to set out programs in different part of our country to educate the younger folks of how important education is and they should also assist persons who cant afford it to se3nd their children to school but is willing to send them if they receive some assistance.
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