Education in Merica

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Kayla Tomaro
Freshman English
Professor Newport
March 2, 2013Kayla

Are You Ready For The Real World?
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela
The word “alternative” is defined as: “another possibility.” Another possibility could be thought of as another choice, option, pick, selection, etc. As for an alternative School, there are various types of meanings such as: design for at-risk students, reduced classroom size, diverse curriculum, increased student accountability, and close student-teacher rapport. There are several pros and cons to any type of alternative school because they provide certain curriculums to these students who did not excel academically. However, how are these schools supposed to determine if these students really need academic help, or if they just want an easy way out. Many high schools provide these programs just to give certain students the opportunity to graduate with their class, on time, weather they work for their graduation or not and solely to make their graduation rate higher and better. High schools construct special programs for students just to get them out the doors on time, because, high schools and their districts want to improve their graduation rates, regardless the situation and to make more room for the incoming classes. An alternative school allows for personalized instruction, reduced class size, and the opportunity to use a variety of teaching methods and modify curriculum. These factors are essential to preventing students from falling through the cracks, an inevitable problem in regular-school settings. Students are normally allowed to join these alternative school programs for academic deficiencies, meaning that they had trouble learning on their own in a normal public/private school setting. Many kids can fake a learning disability or problem, by just not completing school work or giving any type of effort. When teachers see that students are...
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