Education for Sustainable Development

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Education for Sustainable development – strategies for School Improvement Investigation of strategies for education for sustainable development and School improvement. 1. Introduction
a. Rationale
The Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) would like all schools to be sustainable by 2020 and to prepare students for a lifetime of sustainable living through its teaching, its fabric and its day to day activities. It is guided by a commitment to care for oneself, for each other and for the environment itself. Sustainable development can build coherence amongst a variety of initiatives and school practises it offers schools a bigger picture in which to join up their work on a range of policies and initiatives such as every child matters, school travel planning, healthy living, school food, extended services, citizenship and learning outside the class room. It is essential that schools recognise the potential of sustainable development to transform the experiences and outcomes of pupils whilst improving the environmental performance of the school and contributing to sustainable communities. in doing so it is essential that education for sustainable development is an aspect of a schools improvement plan in meeting government target for 2020. The National framework for sustainable schools established by the government to help schools understand what they need to do to achieve this aim comprises of three interlocking parts: A commitment to care; an integrated approach; and a selection of doorways or sustainability themes.

b. Defining Education for Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is a term that has many and varying definitions it is a challenge that all societies face during the 21st Century by endorsing education for sustainable development we commit ourselves to improving the quality of life now without damaging the planet for the future. Pupils are entitled to an education that equips them with knowledge values and skills that will help them develop their awareness and understanding of, and commitment to sustainable development at a personal, local, national and global level. Education for the global dimension and sustainable development helps young people to appreciate these challenges and opportunities and to recognise their responsibilities as members of a global community.’ The curriculum for the 21st century should encourage learners to have an awareness of the global community and help students to realise that it is possible for them to participate in solving local and global problems. The aim should be to help pupils to realise they can contribute to dealing with issues such as play a part in dealing with challenges, such as climate change and global poverty. Education of Sustainable development (ESD) is about enabling pupils to develop the knowledge, values and skills to participate in decisions about the way we do things or not do things individually and collectively, both locally and globally, and how they that will improve the quality of life now without damaging the planet for the future An educated citizenry is vital to implementing informed and sustainable development.... Good community-based decisions - which will affect social, economic, and environmental well-being - also depend on educated citizens. ...........Education is also central to improving quality of life. The goal of sustainable development is to enable all people throughout the world to satisfy their basic needs and enjoy a better quality of life, without transferring problems to people in other parts of the world or compromising the quality of life of future generations. The need to protect the endangered environment is a global concern and to reflect environmental education is a fast developing area of school curriculum. To accommodate environmental education in schools, changes have been made in the National curriculum. It aims to have all children develop environmental knowledge and...
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