Education and Happiness

Topics: Happiness Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Mosley refers to the status quo in a negative way and I do agree with his points of view. Americans just don’t seem to have some happiness in their lives anymore, and we should wonder why that is the case. The educational system doesn’t seem to be any better when it comes to helping us out with our own happiness there are just too many restrictions going on. The students can’t be themselves. Employment has become a need rather then people wanting to wake up every morning and looking forward to going to work. There is just so much going on, like economic problems, job cuts and people can’t find happiness anywhere.

A person’s wellbeing should always be first especially when it comes to there happiness. It seems that the American government has put aside what their first responsibility to Americans is, which is making sure that the people are happy. In “Get Happy” Mosley says, “But our potential for happiness has lagged far behind,” and what I’m getting from this is that our citizen‘s wellbeing isn‘t put first, rather it is being put to the side and not being an important element of people‘s lives. The government isn’t doing their job in making sure we’re happy. They seem to be doing the bare minimum and just worrying about what is necessary to “help” the people in every way they can, but they don’t show any interest in their happiness.

Education is now a big issue as well, for the fact that now schools are being referred to as being “prisonlike.” What I’m getting from all this is that there are just too many restrictions on students, and there is no sense of freedom at schools. Schools are being built in a prison like manner and just like in prison there is always someone of higher authority watching over everyone which might make people feel like they can’t be themselves and express how they might feel about certain things. Americans just aren’t happy with anything that’s going on around them because they’re being treated as is they were insignificant. We...
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