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The Purpose of Education Today
Nowadays, most of the people in the world will have a chance to get educated. Many high school and colleges graduates would like to attend four-year University or higher education. They believed that education is a code to help them get success. But why people need to be educated, and what is the purpose of education? When we were young, we thought that we go to school is because of family expectation. After we grow up, we think that it is because of popular trend, people who get higher degree will get more success. But these are not the answer. Education is the key to explore our own life because its purpose is to train good members of society, to help people live better, and to explore our limit in order to upgrade our ability in our daily life.

Education helps our society to train good members. According to John Henry Newman, the author of ''The Idea of a University'', pointed out that ''education neither confines its views to particular professions on the one hand, nor creates heroes or inspires genius on the other''. (53)University cannot promise to create a generation of heroes, presidents or genius, but it can educate people knowledge, skills and experiences of social life, and let them learn to respect, to consult, to aid each other. Education also focuses on training students’ ability, ''It teaches him to see things as they are, to go right to the point, to disentangle a skein of thought, to detect what is sophistical, and to discard what is irrelevant.''. (53) Education will give people a clear conscious view of everything around them, and let them distinguish what is right and what is wrong of their own opinions and judgments. Therefore, weare able to accommodate ourselves to others, influence to others, and come to an understanding with others. University education is the great means to ''raising the intellectual tone of society, at cultivating the public mind, at purifying the national taste''. (54)

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