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  • Published: February 2, 2013
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EDP140 Assessment for Learning - Assessment 2 – Intervention Plan and Report

Criteria| PossibleMark| Unsatisfactory| Developing| Competent| Highly Competent| Mark| Student profile| 4| Very brief outline, with little or no relevant information given | Satisfactory profile with some factors mentioned | Most aspects are mentioned | Detailed, succinct profile describing general abilities and circumstances and factors impacting on achievement| | Identification and description of learning difficulty (initial meeting with teacher, parent, caregiver, other)| 6| Brief, limited or inaccurate description of learning difficulty. Description of process unsatisfactory or missing. Limited or no references to readings. Limited or no connection to the Australian Curriculum. Limited, inappropriate or no student work samples/evidence included.| Satisfactory description of the learning difficulty. Satisfactory description of process. Minimal references to readings. Minimal connection to the Australian Curriculum. Some work samples/evidence included and some references to readings.| Clear description of the learning difficulty. Clear description of process. Appropriate references to readings and connection to the Australian Curriculum. Appropriate work samples/evidence included.| Clear and detailed description of the learning difficulty and how it was identified, including the processes used. A variety/wide variety of appropriate scholarly references used. Strong connection to Australian Curriculum. Variety/wide variety of student work samples/evidence included.| | An account of the sessions with the child: how the learning need was assessed and analysed| 12| Brief or limited description of sessions and how learning difficulty was assessed. Little or no connection to the curriculum; little or no reference to supporting theory. Limited/no work samples, observations with clear criteria, assessment evidence etc. (attached as appendices). Poor analysis.|...
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