Edhi Project Report

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Table of Contents
What is Edhi foundation?4
Edhi Foundations Ideology4
Edhi Foundation Biography4
About Edhi Foundation4
The Dawn of Edhi Foundation5
Edhi's Founder6
Vision Of the Foundation7
Baby Cradles (JHOOLAS)8
Destitute Homes9
Welfare Centers9
High Ways Project ( 25 KILOMETER)9
Ware houses10
Field ambulance services10
Air Ambulance Services11
Marrine and Costal Service12
Blood and drug banks12
Missing Persons Service13
Edhi Homes for shelter of animals13
Edhi Emergency Posts14
Refugees Assistance15
International Community Centers15
Collaborations With Other Organizations16
Edhi Homes for the Destitute17
Rehabilitation Centre for Heroin Addicts17
Rural Centres17
Edhi Community Centres17
Ambulance Aircraft18
Construction of Hospitals at Every 100 Kilometres18
Edhi Public Kitchen18
Edhi Donations19
International Awards20
National Awards20

What is Edhi foundation?
Edhi foundation is the most trusted name in Pakistan when it comes to relief work within distressed areas in Pakistan and the rest of the world. Edhi foundation is a NON Profit organization that has been in the business of providing social services like medical care, emergency services, air ambulances, burial services, mental habitats, old homes, child welfare services, abused women safe houses and training facilities for the disadvantaged.. Edhi's founder is Abdul Sattar Edhi who established the first clinic in 1951. Edhi Foundations Ideology

Edhi Foundation's activities include a 24 hours emergency service across the country through 250 Edhi centers which provide free shrouding and burial of unclaimed dead bodies, shelter for the destitute, orphans and handicapped persons, free hospitals and dispensaries, rehabilitation of drug addicts, free wheel chairs, crutches and other services for the handicapped, family planning counseling and maternity services, national and international relief efforts for the victims.

Currently the Foundation is a home for over 6,000 destitute, runaways and mentally ill, and it provides transportation to over 1,000,000 persons annually to the hospitals, in addition to other wide ranging services.

Edhi Foundation Biography

About Edhi Foundation
Edhi established his first welfare centre and then the Bilqis Edhi Trust with a mere Rs. 5000. What started as a one-man show operating from a single room in Karachi is now the Edhi Foundation, the largest welfare organization in Pakistan. The foundation has over 300 centers across the country, in big cities, small towns and remote rural areas, providing medical aid, family planning and emergency assistance. They own air ambulances, providing quick access to far-flung areas.

In Karachi alone, the Edhi Foundation runs 8 hospitals providing free medical care, eye hospitals, diabetic centers, surgical units, a 4- bed cancer hospital and mobile dispensaries. In addition to these the Foundation also manages two blood banks in Karachi. * 20,000 abandoned babies have been saved

* 40,000 qualified nurses have been trained
* 50,000 orphans are housed in Edhi Homes
* 1 million babies have been delivered in Edhi Maternity Centers Edhi is to Karachi what Mother Teresa was to the poor of Calcutta. Edhi and wife Bilquees have spent a lifetime working for people and their welfare work to date remains unparalleled in Pakistan. They are both very private people who shun publicity. They have had little formal education, and are totally committed to the cause of helping the poor and needy. The Dawn of Edhi Foundation

What started as a one-man show operating from a single room in Karachi is now the Edhi Foundation, the largest welfare organization in Pakistan. The foundation...
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