Economic Inequality and the Division of Labor

Topics: Higher education, Minimum wage, Academic degree Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Ning Yang
Professor Zimmerman
ENG 049
06 March 2013
Working Purposes
Although the low-wage jobs are not required a high education background, in the real situation is you have to work more in order to make enough money to survive. We all want to have a “good job” that can pay you well and also enjoyable at work, but what job is the best option you want to have? In the book “Nickel and Dimed”, the writer Barbara Ehrenreich argued that a minimum-wage worker trying to survive with minimum wage jobs, but the paycheck is not enough for them to balance the expense in the U.S. But with a degree you can to find a job with better financial stability and working more meaningful and sustainable. You definitely need money, there’s no question about it. But if you have to spend 40 – 60 hours every weeks on your job, why not have a degree then get a better job?

You could be struggle in your life when you having not enough income. By read the book, Ehrenreich wants to show her experience as a waitress that with minimum wage and tips is not enough for her to survive. “But as the tourist business slows in the summer heat, I sometimes leave work with only $20 in tips...With wages included; this amounts to about the minimum wage of $5.15 an hour.”(P28) Depends on the information on research (in 2010) the living wage is$11.32 and the minimum wage is $8, which means in each hour you are working has average differences of $3.32 that you actually needed. For example, each day you normally work 8 hours then you have to make $26 more to balance your expense. Even you work like the others, but your income cannot cover your expense. As a result that will become a big problem for you to having a better life. What if you do not having money to buy new clothes for your children or cannot afford apartment then you have to move to a father place. There are jobs that are not requires a secondary education or college education when you work on it. By read the article “blue-collar...
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