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College Can Be Worth It
Attending college is worth the time and money for some people and vice versa for others. In order to debate about how attending a college is worth it or not one would has to understand proven statistics in college graduates and those who chose not to attend a higher institution after high school through an article given by “Time Magazine”, a popular magazine throughout the United States, called “Is College Worth It?”. College can cost up to twenty thousand dollars a year or it can be no cost at all, as stated in the Times Magazine, depending on ones financial class in the United States. My opinion on this topic is that college is only worth it when it is free or reduced in pricing per year due to the loan paybacks that can ruin financial stability in the future.

Paying for college can be a hassle at times. The government who disburses financial aid and grants only looks at the attending students family wealth but never the bigger picture. For instance, if a family made seventy thousand dollars in a year but three fourths of that money went to payments and other needs, the government does not see that therefore they do not take that into account that they cannot pay for their student/s college tuition. This forces families, if not the student themselves to take out loans even though they have no idea what the future holds for them. After taking out loans there would be interest added to the loans every year if not paid in full at the certain time. If the student graduates from the institution they are not guaranteed a well paying job or career right away. Even if they did land a job or career it might not be to promising pay wise.

For those who decide not to attend college they may start working at a job that can eventually build up to career. One may work at a fast food joint or they can do sales at a local retailer for minimum wage but having that first step can lead to several outcomes. It can open up management, raises and...
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