Economic Food and Beverage Survey 2013 in the BRIC Market

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Survey results reveal that global food and beverage industry manufacturer and supplier respondents identify China as the key BRIC region for their current business operations. Additionally, 37% manufacturer respondents identified they also carry out business dealings in Russia, whereas, 53% of supplier respondents identified India; furthermore, global food and beverage industry respondents across North America and the Rest of the World identified that their company is currently doing business with China and Brazil.

Survey results reveal that global food and beverage industry manufacturer respondents are more inclined to do business with China in 2013, while supplier respondents favor Brazil. Moreover, 16% of manufacturer respondents identify that they are willing to do business with India, while 17% of supplier respondents identified Russia; furthermore, a higher proportion of respondents from small companies indicated a preference for business with Brazil in 2013.

Regardless of manufacturer and supplier categorization, respondents envisage the ‘policy towards foreign investment’ to improve significantly in 2013 across all four BRIC, with an aim to ease up business opportunities. Additionally, Global food and beverage manufacturers identify the ‘physical infrastructure’ of Russia and China to witness some positive changes in 2013, whereas the ‘availability of local credit’ is expected to witness some positive changes in Brazil and a ‘policy towards foreign investment’ is expected to witness some positive changes in India.

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- Drive revenues and capitalize business opportunities by judging the economic outlook and business conditions in BRIC nations, and identify new opportunities for growth. - Uncover the change in business volumes, key concerns for business dealings, and the growth prospects of the...
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