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Today when we talk about business, and cannot be alone in a national but also in an international environment, this thanks to the increasing globalization of the markets that day we inevitably intertwined with customers, suppliers and foreign competitors, including our country. This has led companies to make structural changes, from technology, research, and plantation, network marketing to distribute its products, enabling it to efficiently prepare and compete in a global environment that is increasingly interdependent. To ensure that the plan is important to build international marketing which has become an element of survival for any company in the global environment as it proposes the implementation of activities in more than one country to assist in the flow of products, exchange for a benefit to the exporter, as mentioned then, to say that his challenge is to develop competitive export plans as the globalization of markets intensifies. For successful international marketing plan, it must be clear about two things: 1. Market selection:

In this highly competitive world market selection is based on the facilities that each market provides the exporter to position their products. To this must conduct a thorough investigation and, based on it, apply planning tools such as matrices of evaluation of both internal and external factors that help make the right choice more viable market, through an analysis of political, governmental, economic , social, cultural and geographical. After selecting the appropriate market for export, the next step is to document ourselves on the legal requirements that must be met to carry out the process without further restrictions. 2. Make the mixture international marketing issues

After selecting the market, another key is to mix international marketing, which means apply the controllable variables, product, place and promotion, should be mentioned that the quality of results can be hindered by uncontrollable variables such as competition, legal restrictions, governmental controls, fickle consumers, and so on. It is important to be aware that these variables do not depend on the exporter but can adjust to them to get positive results. The interesting thing here is the challenge of adjusting variables Product, Place and Promotion within the framework of uncontrollable variables, by way of achieving the proposed objectives, without neglecting the essence of international marketing, which is meeting the needs of consumers by providing products that create value. The only way to meet the needs of consumers is through a cultural analysis, to ensure that decisions made to meet them have been based on the understanding of foreign culture, and in no way determined by the criterion itself. After analyzing the target market culturally, it is necessary to focus on defining the strategies through which they enter. It is important to mention that if no changes are made in the controllable variables according to the tastes, habits and preferences of consumers can be judged culturally and risk the success of export. This plan provides a legal framework that explains and exemplifies all legal requirements, both domestically and internationally; they must be updated and acquired by the company. Mainly a market mixture proposed establishing marketing strategies, which are based according to international marketing, trade agreement, directives and tastes, preferences, habits and customs of the target market, aiming to ensure that the commercial success of coffee "Hispaniola" in the international market.

1. Methodological Framework

2.1. Problems

For over two centuries and to this day, coffee remains one of the most popular beverages in the Western world. The grain of coffee is considered a commodity that is of great importance to the economies of many producing countries, in some cases; depend heavily on their export to consuming countries to earn foreign exchange....
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