Ecology of Commerce Paper

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A Teasing Irony | Carrie Hoffman|
Carrie Hoffman| The Ecology of Commerce |

Carrie Hoffman| The Ecology of Commerce |

A Teasing Irony, is chapter one of the Ecology of Commerce. This chapter talks about how the business world and regular world must work together. The author Mr. Paul Hawken writes about how we are not a utopian society. There is a negative reaction for every positive reaction. Currently we are not being resourceful, wasting products just to say that we could afford to buy them. We are so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget what is going on with our environment, and when we learn about the environment it shows what harsh things are occurring which is a result of an active business market. One of the parts I enjoyed was how the mother was busy in her everyday life; struggling to juggle all the aspects of a single mother when a surveyor knocks on the door asking about the proposed landfill that would be at the edge of town. The mother is so engulfed in her everyday life she hasn’t had the time to stop and think about what is going on in her town, where her children are growing up and what impact that will have on the environment. The same thing happens to businesspeople when asked about how they are helping the environment within their business. “Doing the right thing” is burdensome and may put them out of business, and businesses are only worried about themselves not what could destroy the Earth in the next 20 years. Our business practices are destroying our Earth, cutting away our forests, wiping out protected and non-protected animals, using up natural resources and most don’t know or sadly don’t care. Businesses don’t have the time or patience to worry about the environment but when all the resources are depleted, then what will they do? Big companies are trying to do small things like telling the workers to recycle or dedicating trees on their property to help stimulate the environment, but what they don’t...
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