Eating Disorders Outline

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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Eating Disorders

Attention getter:
We live in a thin world where skinny models are idolized.

Topic sentence:
An "Eating disorder" is a mental disorder and has no apparent physical ticks.

Purpose of the speech:
Inform about the effects of eating disorders.

Main body:
* Definition of ED
* Types of eating disorders
* Anorexia Nervosa
* Bulimia Nervosa
* Effects of anorexia
* Increases chances of heart deseases.
* May even cause death.
* Excessive weight loss.
* Reason for psychological problems.
* Effects of bulimia
* Life threatening ED.
* Excessive weight gain.
* Negative self-image associated with guilt and shame.
* Disturbed social life.

Eating disorders of any kind is a very serious issue and needs to be addressed. We should aware people of such problems in order to save human lives.

Closing statement:
All these problems are basically psychological illnesses, which ultimately lead to physical health problems too. The awareness of these problems in todays society is minimal. Understanding as well as actions to solve this infirmity should be introduced to have a healthier population.


Eating Disorders

bulimia nervosa - definition of bulimia nervosa in the Medical

We live in a thin obsessed world where skinny models are idolized...
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