Eat Organically

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Nowadays there is much debate concerning the benefits of organic food. Is organic food better than non-organic? To answer these questions we should consider the many benefits of consumption and production of organic food. I think organic food is the way to go, because the methods of production are in harmony with nature and generally these products meet very high standards. There are a lot of advantages of organic food consumption, and many important advantages of organic food production. Organic farming is a system which takes the big-picture and long-term view into account. Organically grown foods are clean, natural and healthy – makes total sense to me to eat them instead of unhealthy food. By eating organically, we can aggravate advantages of organic food consumption, including its numerous health benefits as well as directly contribute to the advantages of organic food production. Organic food is undoubtedly best for your health.

Ideas of health and wellness are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The food processing industry was the first to respond to this trend. There is a saying: we are what we eat. Those people who want to live healthy lives and feel good are well-familiar with the expression “organic food”. This kind of food is neither a trend nor the latest scientific development. development of scientists. Of course each of us believes that foods that are not doused in chemicals, hormones and preservatives are better for our bodies. Historically, organic farms have been a relatively small family-run operation, that is why organic food was once only available in small stores or farmers’ markets. Since the 1990’s organic food production has had growth rates of around 20% a year, which is far ahead of the rest of the food industry. These days organic food accounts for about 2% of all food farming (The History & Source Origins of Organic Foods, 2009). It seems that more and more consumers are curios about organic foods...
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