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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Organic and Genetically Modified Foods
Currently in our country, there are endless amounts of issues surrounding the debate between organic and conventional foods. Organic and conventional foods differ in many ways; the substance, cost, appearance, health benefits and government interaction of these two types of foods differ from one another greatly, but also are considered extremely similar in the eyes of the average American consumer. Is organic food healthier for the human body? What is the actual difference between the two? Is organic food worth the cost? These are all questions American consumers are asking. In this essay, the similarities and differences of organic and non-organic food will be looked at in detail.

When it comes down to what organic food and genetically modified food contains, the two are worlds apart. Organic food must be grown for a minimum of 3 years without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemical treatments. (Hardy) This being said, organic food does not contain any additives or fillers; making the food strictly come from components of nature. Genetically modified food on the other hand contains a laundry list of chemical treatments. Studies have shown that genetically modified foods contain chemicals ranging from ammonia to roundup. Genetically modified organisms are foods that contain DNA that has been altered in some way that does not occur in nature. (Taylor) The two do not only differ in the amounts of chemical levels are in the foods, they also differ in the amount of nutrients. In a review of multiple studies, it was proven that organic food contains high levels of vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus than non-organic versions of the same foods. (Crinnion) With this being said, there is a price to pay for chemical free food.

Price differences between organic and non-organic foods can be substantial depending on your location and where you shop. On average, the price difference of organic and non-organic...
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