Eastern Front

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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This essay will analyze and interpret some of the key events that took place during The War on The Eastern Front, which took place on June 22, 1941. After years of abiding by The Treaty of Versailles Germany decided to attack Poland marking the beginning of World War II between the axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan and the main allied forces, which consisted of the Soviet Union, United States, and Britain. From 1939 to 1942 the axis powers were able to consistently string together victories from France in the west to the Volga River in the east and from the Arctic Circle in Norway to the shores of North Africa. However The War on the Eastern Front would play of pivotal role in the turning point of World War II due to the late success of Joseph Stalin’s Red Army. 1

1. Anton Dragan, review of Part Three Western Civilizations in Crisis, A Soviet Veteran Recalls(September, 1942): 418. By 1940 Germany was able to quickly defeat France, which proposed many problems to Joseph Stalin. His originally strategy was based upon the belief that Hitler’s army would be fighting the war on the western front for a long period of time. Unfortunately this didn’t allow enough time for the Soviets to properly equip and train themselves for battle. Stalin became increasingly concerned since he knew Hitler had once called himself an enemy of communism and knew he was quickly expanding his territory towards the east. Stalin’s primary focus now was on appeasing the Nazi’s as they continued to collaborate with and provide raw materials to the Nazi regime. During Augustthe USSR, Soviet icebreakers helped the German ship Komet sail through the ice fields and emerge in the Pacific Ocean where it began attacking Allied ships. Finally on July 31st Hitler demanded his military leaders to plan an attack against the Soviets and more than three million axis soldiers were headed east towards Stalingrad in hopes to reach the Russian capital of...
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