Easter's End

Topics: Easter, Easter Island, Middle class Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Easters Island has vanished, gone and is never coming back. Despite this fate planet Earth is still a blank slate. “Who is to say we won’t succumb the same fate?” -Jared Diamond. Diamond comes across his main point in his writing of “Easter’s End”. He strives to get the point across of the end of civilization for the Eastern Islanders in comparison to here on planet earth in several dramatic ways. He makes convincing arguments to his audience using his tone and the diction he uses. He argues that we, being people of planet earth, have succumbed “adaptive failure” as one. Diamonds audience (being middle class, aimed toward younger generations) is drawn into his deep analogies and sense of urgency.

In a magazine article it’s all about who you’re writing to and how it’s perceived and I think that Diamond achieved this in his writing. It seems that Diamond wanted to write something that general educated middle class people would understand but also with people who were in the younger generations. Due to the fact that Diamond was trying to set an example of urgency and edging that we must do something now before the younger children become like the Islanders with no place to turn to due to lack of awareness. He stressed to inform others but because it was put in a magazine article it also have a sort of entertainment for people who may seem to be interested in the planet or interested in saving it as well. However he did make some very persuading arguments that led me to believe that he wanted to persuade you to join the bandwagon. Get with this now or this could happen to us! Somewhat creating a false dilemma or making negative assumptions about what the islanders did that we shouldn’t do or else! One thing that definitely stuck out to me was his detailed yet interesting diction. “Oral traditions of the islanders are rife with cannibalism; the most inflammatory taunt that could be snared at enemy was the flesh of your mother sticks between my teeth with no wood...
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