Coral Reef Decrease

Topics: Coral reef, Great Barrier Reef, Coral bleaching Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: June 4, 2010
The Decrease of Coral Reefs

Taylah Bruce
Science 10.3

The Decrease of Coral Reefs
In Australia, particularly, the rapid decrease of coral is becoming a vast issue. Our most prominent body of coral, The Great Barrier Reef, is facing annual bleaching within the next twenty years due to warmer, more acidic seas. It has alerted scientists all over the world of the future we face and many have come together in hope of conserving this amazing natural wonder and the millions of marine life that live in it. But coral bleaching is wiping out the reef to an enormous extent every year and extinction has become an almost certainty. For this to occur, the Australian tourism industry would suffer greatly, not to mention the saddening idea of losing this incredible Australian icon that we are proud to call our own.

Discussion of articles on Coral Reef Decrease

Discussion: Reef ‘facing extinction’ - 30th January 2009 This article pin-points the consequences we may have to suffer if the Great Barrier Reef becomes extinct, and discusses the problems causing the decrease. They mention the effect that this issue may have our tourism industry and look at many different problems we could begin to face. This article definitely asks if we want to continue living like this and if we’re prepared to deal with what comes in response. Discussion: Outlook “poor” for Great Barrier Reef - Wednesday 2nd September 2009 The main focus in this article is the beauty and unique aspects of the Great Barrier Reef that we are going to lose if our habits do not change. They mention the long-term effects on the marine life as well which is not mentioned in the first article. This aspect in particular can make people take notice and want to make a change

Discussion: Why coral reefs face a very grim future - 6th September 2009 This particular report is one that makes you stand up and listen. It is vitally clear on the cold hard facts and definitely makes you realise that our reefs are in...
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