Earned Value Calculation

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5-1 Earned Value Calculation
EV-BCWP=$3593.34 (.98 x 3666.67) CPI x AC
AC-ACWP=$3666.67 (3593.34/.98) EV/CPI
SV= -13.8 (3593.34 – 3607.14) EV – PV
CV=73.33 (3593.34 – 3666.67) EV – AC
SPI=1.0 (3593.34/3607.14) EV/PV
CPI=.98 (3593.34/3666.67) EV/AC
According to these calculations, the schedule variance is running late and the cost variance did not run over. The SPI is 1.0 which means that it is running on schedule. The CPI is .98 which is over budget by .02%. I don’t feel that the project is too far off schedule which they should be able to celebrate.

6/7=86% complete
25250/7 tasks=3607.14 each task
22000/6 tasks=3666.67 each task
If 7th task was done
22916.67/3273.81 each task if complete 10% under budget

5-2 Earned Value Calculation

ActivityBudget% CompleteBCWPBCWSACWPCost VarianceSchedule VarianceCPISPI A$1,600.00100%$1,600.00$1,600.00$1,800.00-$200.00$0.000.88888891 B$4,000.00100%$4,000.00$4,000.00$4,500.00-$500.00$0.000.88888891 C$14,050.0090%$12,645.00$14,050.00$13,500.00-$1,035.00-$1,405.000.93666670.9 D$5,800.0010%$580.00$2,900.00$500.00$80.00-$2,320.001.160.2 E$12,000.000%$0.00$2,400.00$0.00$0.00-$2,400.0000 F$5,200.000%$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.0000


According to the SPI of a value of .75 it implies that we are under schedule at this time. The CPI of .93 implies that we are over budget. The schedule variance is negative $6125 which means the project is running behind. As of right now the project is over it's budget.
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