Early or Latter Marriage

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Good evening everybody. I am XXX and today I’m going to deliver you a presentation about age choices for marriage. Early marriage brings numerous problems to couples, especially to women. In this presentation I will further discuss about the harmful effects of early marriage, such as stress, health diseases, and denial of personal development. Hence, people should get married latter in life. Early marriage or child marriage has been common all over the globe. The women’s rights organization in Turkey has done research and discovered that one in five girls of the population is married by the time they turn 15. This early marriage can arise due to several reasons such as economic and social status, gender bias and pressure from family. Besides, young brides are not old enough to cope with maternal, marital, or law issues. This causes emotional stress in them. Younger brides also have less knowledge about the sexually transmitted diseases and the use of contraception. This causes to have a very high possibility to suffer those diseases like HIV. Early marriage also causes young girls to deny their freedom and personal development as household stuffs have become their priority. Research also shows many young brides got married when they didn’t even have any dreams. To conclude, people today should get married latter in life for not only well preparation but also healthier and happier family life. This is also supported by the government and society who have done much to abolish early marriage through campaigns, laws, policies and individual support.
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