Dystopia Essay

Topics: United States, California, U.S. state Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Evan Bergstrom
Mrs. Hunter
English Literature 1-2A
November 19th, 2012


The year is 2085, twenty prolonged years have gone by since the explosion of the A-14 EMP device went off in earths crust surrounding the United States of America. The United States of America that is now split into two parsimonious parts, one named the New California Public, while the other the Enclave. The A-14 EMP was set of as a terrorist attack against the United States by the combined forces of Russia and China. The reasoning behind their madness was the everlasting debt the United States owed to them as the years matured. Since 2025, the United States had been fighting with themselves in a money crisis that seemed interminable. The presidential system was terminated by the year 2039, when President George F. Peterson caused another 4.2 Trillion Dollars in debt towards the Soviets. And by 2055 hints of war began to strike between United States and China. What sooned followed after was China becoming complete allies with the Russian forces. 2065 was when the devastation occurred. Every since that day the remaining creatures in the United States have fought to survive. The world they once knew has become a waring fight for survival. With the new split in the United States the people are worrying when a feud will occur, and also which side to stand for.

With the EMP cutting of all electricity and source of supply, basic necessities are scarce within this newfound world. The once known vast cities and streets are now barren wastelands. Marauders and bandits fill the streets with hopes of a quick score to succeed their needs. Any wanderers are either ready for what's to come, or easy prey. Roughly two years after the EMP went off, Washington D.C., now known as the District of Enclave, was running on government power generators that they had stored in case of catastrophe. The people were outraged, thinking the government was trying to harm them all, keeping the power...
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