Dysfunction in Single Parent Families

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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Dysfunction in single parent families

Table of Contents

Statement of the Problem4
Data Collection7
Analysis and Interpretation13

Statement of Problem

Do single parent families tend to be more dysfunctional than nuclear families?  

The reason I choose this topic is because I wanted to find out whether single parent families tend to be more dysfunctional or not. I also wanted to clearly define differences, advantages and disadvantages of living in a single parent family and a nuclear family.  


In order to collect data I choose to distribute a questionnaire.  
Data Collection

1) How old are you? 11 and under 12 to 16 17 and up 2) What kind of family do you belong to? Single parent family Nuclear family 3) How much time would you say that your family spends together? A little A lot 4) Do your parents /parent spend much time at home? Yes No 5) Would you say that your family is stable family? Yes No 6) Do you think that you communicate well with your parent/parents? Yes No 7) If you answer in 6, why?

8) Do you think that your home is a stable environment?...
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