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IMC Business Report|
For eighty years, in over forty different countries, Durex condoms are exceptionally known as the condoms of durability, reliability and excellence.| Written by:|
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Mixing Elements6
Creating Messages6
Selecting Media6
Establishing Momentum6
Enhance Brand Equity7
Affecting Behaviour7
Measuring Feedback8
Providing Feedback8
Taking Corrective Action8


Condoms are a form of contraception worn by males to effectively form a barrier to prevent both partners from sexual diseases and also to avoid any unwanted pregnancy (Better Health, 2010). When having sex, many people may feel it is not the ‘real thing’ while wearing condoms and this causes many concerns with safety risks as we witness many teenage mothers strolling down the street. Marketing communicators recognises this issue and came up with a product for consumers to purchase and avoid involving in a situation like that. Ultra Featherlite condoms, created by Durex, was developed and produced to ensure contraception will always be worn as it not only prevents unwanted pregnancy and diseases; while still delivering the same maximum pleasure and satisfaction that not using a condom would distribute. Established in the 1930’s, Durex is now recognised globally as the most popular and innovative condom brand. The name has been chosen to represent the combination of the brand’s qualities: Durability, Reliability and Excellence (SSL, n.d). However, Durex also wants consumers to view the brand as sensual, sensitive and fun. Their advertising mainly consists of fun and sensual images to enhance the fun, sexy messages and to encourage consumers to purchase the product without feeling so intimidated. Such examples of this is of young couples in various stages of love making, silly cartoon figures dancing around and groups of friends enjoying a night out. Typical uses of condoms begins young so Durex heavily targets at a younger audience using youth media such as MTV, the Internet, free samples on campuses and sponsoring youth events (Rusch, R.D 2001).

Chitty, Baker & Shimp (2008), demonstrated how such fundamental decisions (positioning, targeting, setting objectives and budgeting) influence implementation decisions regarding to the mixture of communications elements and the determination of messages, media and momentum.

In conjunction with pricing and promotional strategies, our product is aimed to be positioned as a high performance and above average quality product which will correspond with Durex’s reputation of long lasting and high pleasuring product. We will position it at a high performance due to Featherlite condoms being thinner than regular condoms, enhancing the consumer’s experience as it makes them feel ‘like they are wearing nothing’. As Durex is the leading brand within this industry, it will continue to maintain its excellence within this product, ensuring the consumer of its quality with each condom being quality tested.

Featherlite must develop an affective measure of market attractiveness. Their target audience consists of young individuals who not only seek a newer and pleasurable way of bedroom fun, but to also play it safely from unwanted pregnancy and sexual diseases. The selection of the youth audience must be exposed to effective and efficient marketing communication for Pleasuremax to be successful. As a result of the high use in the younger market, Durex has maintained its targeting market from their other products, targeting this product at the same age group of 17-35 for males looking to enhance their sexual experiences. The typical youth media easily captures...
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