Dry Shampoo

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How do marketers assess the need of a product to market it… In today’s competitive, global environment, new products and innovation are critical to a company’s growth and sustainability. Many companies today focus only on cost reduction. Generating revenue via new, differentiated products should also be part of the corporate strategy. Product development must be done within a strategic context that takes into account emerging market trends, environmental and regulatory rulings and trends, customer and employee needs and wants, and financial considerations. The development and launching of new products is perceived as a risk due to uncertainties of success after significant investments. In addition, the product development process is not well understood by most firms. Finding, developing, and exploiting new product growth can help corporations to maximize latent value in their new innovative products and growing markets, while diversifying risk. It also allows businesses to focus on evolving macro and micro markets and to enhance customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. Begin market planning by clearly identifying the market you want to target. This may or may not be the market you are working with now. The idea is to think creatively about your product to determine what set of customers are going to give your business the cash flow, profit and growth it needs. Suppose I am going to start a business of “DRY SHAMPOO” as it is quite a new product for Bangladesh perspectives… The so-called "French shower," that curious Napoleonic custom of applying perfume or deodorant over unwashed flesh, went out of style with pantaloons, and certainly never spread to these more hygienic shores. Right? Hello, dry shampoo. Touted as a water and timesaving way to stay quote-unquote gorgeous on the go, these wildly popular shampoo substitutes allow the busiest exec to head straight from the bedroom to the boardroom without a pesky shower in between. Just apply a cumulus of...
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