Dry Leaves as Sand Substitute for Blocks

Topics: Oxygen, Photosynthesis, Waste Pages: 5 (1123 words) Published: December 1, 2012
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Dry Leaves as Sand Substitute for Blocks

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Dime Rose Diola
Jerzeld Villalon
Lyka Lou Arogancia
Natasha Anne Payot

Prof. Nathalie Daminar
Chapter 1

The Problem
Background of the Study

A leaf is a lateral photosynthetic appendage of the stem of a plant, commonly broad, flat, thin and of a green color. Leaves (plural) are the “food factories of plants, the sites where most of the plant’s energy is produced [1].

There are leaves that provide a protective service when a plant is under attack. Leaves may also serve as a storage sites or help obtain food for a plant [2].
For plants, as defense, leaves protect them from enemies such as animals, diseases, and environmental extremes through specific defense mechanism [3].
The most important contributions leaves make to our planet’s ecosystem are through their processing of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Oxygen, though a waste product of photosynthesis is essential to plant, animal, and human survival. As leaves break down carbon dioxide and release oxygen, they also help determine global climate patterns [4].

On the other side, a block is a molded rectangular brick of clay or sand enclosed in a molder and hardened for long hours and used as a building and paving material. Bricks were often used for reasons of speed and economy [5].

The researchers aimed to make dry leaves into use not only by preserving it and use as decorations but by making it as one of the main component for concrete blocks. Also, to support the RA 9003 or known as Ecological Solid Waste Management Act for implement.

Objectives of the Study
This study primarily aims to make dry leaves as one of the main component in making concrete blocks to lessen dry leaves in the surroundings since some of us burned dry leaves which disrupt our ecosystem by creating harmful gases through smoke.

Since the depletion of the ozone layer is coming to its worst, the researchers find some way to control this problem and to have temporary solution that will lead to a permanent solution on how to lessen dry leaves without burning it or by causing some harm both to the planet and to the people. And to support the waste management campaign in the country.

Significance of the Study
This study which aimed to find out if the dry leaves can be one of the main components in making blocks is significant to different sectors for various reasons:

* Serves as an eye-opener for those who have problems regarding on how to reduce dry leaves in their community/area. * Provides durable and economical product.
* Helps in controlling ecological waste.
* Provide information to citizens with respect of continuous burning of dry leaves that destroys the planet or causing global warming. * Serve as motivating factor for home owners, construction workers and construction materials manufacturers to strengthen their capabilities for developing blocks and other processes to maximize the use of dry leaves in the society.

Furthermore, the outcome of the study will provide empirical information to policy makers in Ecological Solid Waste Management (RA 9003).
Dry leaves are usually burned down elsewhere and eventually produce hazardous gases in the air. Conducting this experiment does not only support RA 9003 but it also opens an avenue to develop technology in bricks in the community.

Likewise, this provides all people an opportunity to enjoy living in a clear, clean and hazard-free environment.

Scope and Limitation
Creating dry leaves as one of the component for...
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