Drugs Addiction

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Recidivism Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Most of the people believe that the best way to help someone overcome their Drug Addiction is to forgive them, love them and allow them to screw over the entire family again. And lets not forget the rehabilitation, court costs and police that the taxpayer must foot the bill for many times. Some are far more critical of these issues and say that Drug Addiction is too readily accepted and too many people are coddled too often for it. We have recidivism rates, which would make anyone cringe. If we as a society were to say it is okay to do drugs and legalize them, as many users wish we would, then more people will do them, that is a bad thing not a good thing. Although many say that legalization of drugs will stop the problems that drugs bring to our culture and country. Personally I believe in personal freedoms and do not care much what someone does on their own time. But it does seem to affect me in taxes for police, prisons, rehabilitation and personal property damage and theft. I have never been harmed by anyone on drugs, but have had to defend myself from such. I have never done drugs, but had them offered by what I thought were friends. Yet to me anyone who would offer someone that would hurt them, is not a friend at all. Most believe there is no easy way to solve our Drug problems and state; “there are no ‘quick fix’ remedies to this problem.” Well sure there are only we do not accept them as a society, we could just shoot Drug addicted folks for their drain on society and crimes against those they harm. This is also one of the ways to eradicate Drug Addiction in your society.
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