Recreational Drugs Should Not Be Legalized

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  • Published : October 3, 2010
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Recreational drugs should not be legalized:

A drug in a broad sense of the term is any substance that, when absorbed into the body of living organism, alters the body’s normal bodily function (Gottfried, 2000:10). It seems that the cry for drugs to be legalized is being heard everywhere, from liberals as well as conservatives, youth and adult alike. Some people argue that it is an individual’s choice and right to choose to use drugs or not as long as they do not harm anyone else. Others claim that drugs aid creativity, ease pain, and relieve tension (Gottfried, 2000:12). Is this true though? Should drugs then be legalized? The following article will argue against the legalization of drugs by looking at the harm it causes to individual adults, the society and the moral implications of drug use.

Harm to the individual:
One of the main arguments from this line of thought is that it is an individual’s choice to take drugs and that as long as it does not harm anyone else then it is fine to do so (Benjamin & Miller, 1991:304). A person chooses to put drugs into their own body; therefore, they have a right to do so without government interference. In theory this might make sense but practically it does not. If one was to look at the bigger picture they would realize that the use of drugs is harmful to an individual, drugs blur the way situations are viewed and distort judgement, some cause memory loss, loss of balance and an altered sense of time (Leshner, 1997:45-47). The user’s reaction time is slowed and this is especially dangerous when driving a car as it may lead to accidents and the user is at risk of harm as well as putting others in harm’s way. Thus, if an individual can pose oneself and others at such high risk, then it not worth him/her having the right to choose to take drugs or not. In addition, drugs should hence not be legalized.

Harm to the society:
Furthermore, it is important to look beyond oneself and at the bigger picture....
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