Drug Trafficking

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Matt Light Light 1

Mr. Perry

Senior English

23 January 2012

Final course reflection: growth

Growth is something that doesn’t come naturally in speaking, but takes time and

practice. This is something I realized throughout the semester that contradicts what I

originally thought about speaking. Speaking at times if you don’t practice can become

inconsistent which is something I experienced first hand. This lead early some good

speeches and some bad speeches at times. Nonetheless however I think I grew as

individual in speaking with my confidence the more speeches I presented.

First off, this class began back in September and I made some goals then where it

all began. My goals in the beginning of the semester were straight forward in every

speech to get better. After a couple speeches I realized this wasn’t a realistic goal. After

a lot incubating I decided that a better goal was to become more comfortable with

speaking not just during speeches, but with my peers. So really my original goal that I

wanted to fulfill wasn’t plausible, and as a result I thought of another way I could grow

from this experience.

Next off, currently in the class we have just finished our final speech which was

either a persuasive or motivational speech. My persuasive speech that I choose was about

uneducated voters. Overall I gave myself a fifty-five out of sixty as my overall score. My

score was thought out using logic and reasoning from observing my speech online. The

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only areas of content I didn’t give myself a five was familiarity with material, posture and

facial expressions, pausing for effect, and pronunciation and diction. First I gave myself a

four with familiarity because I tended to mumble at times because a few times I had to

think longer then a second to think about what I was going to say next (except pausing

for effect). Following familiarity with material is posture and facial expressions which I

also gave myself a four in this category because I thought I lacked emotion, in not that it

was bad I Just thought it wasn’t outstanding. Also another area of content that didn’t give

a five was pausing for effect because I thought in my speech I lacked the ability to pause

at times which is partly do to not rehearsing this area of content enough the night before

my speech which I gave myself a four as a result. The weakest area and the only real area

of content that I was disappointed with was pronunciation and diction because I noticed I

that my voice wasn’t always clear and easy to understand when I had to restart lines

over in my speech because I wasn’t always thinking what I was going to say very clearly

and as a result had a negative impact on my speech as I decided to give myself a three.

Besides these four areas of content which I gave myself a four all the other areas were

outstanding and gave myself a five which indicates progress because I never scored

myself this high on a speech speech. All in all my online video recorded speech showed

that I have learned because based off what I observed from the video reflected my overall

grade I gave myself which was an A- and compared to my first speech is better where

instead gave myself a B-.

In addition, some minor sub topics dealing with additional areas of content and

Light 3

my best and worst speech this semester. First I have learned body language is important

because it helps the audience know how you feel about a particular subject or your mood

when presenting. Also vocal quality is important because I feel it is important in keeping

the speech consistent being in how you sound when talking which is more of a traditional

aspect of good speech giving. Another area of content that I think goes hand in hand to a

degree with vocal quality because depending how you pronounce different...
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