Drug Addiction

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Drug abuse Pages: 9 (3413 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Introduction to the Problem
Drug addiction has been growing globally since World War II. Drugs was first take for the purpose of treating wounds and aches. But later on they find that consumimg a large amount of drugs more than the priscription makes them more ralaxed and make them more pleasurable and become high and it is the start of abusing a such drugs.Nowadays drug addiction enter someones life without observing and knowing its possible effect and results. People start using for such reason of curiosity,pleasure,social pressure or for medical uses.And may continue using it for another reason such relieving tension. Drug addiction might continue to get worst and become lethal if left untreated and tolerated.Drug addiction kills a thousands of people each year due to its deadly effect of the body. In United States in 2010 there was an estimated 22.6 million Americans over the age of 12 that were current or former illicit drug users within the last month of when the survey was given; This equates to about 8.9 percent of the population aged 12 or older. The drug marijuana was the most commonly used illegal substance followed by prescription painkillers, cocaine and hallucinogens. There was about 17.4 million individuals who used it in the past month from when the survey was taken. From 2007 and 2010, those numbers increased to 6.9 percent, up from 5.8 or 14.4 million to 17.4 million users.(http://www.michaelshouse.com/drug-addiction/the-statistics/). In the Philippines illegal drug use was a significant problem due to corruption and poor law enforcement.Drug addiction appears to be on the rise in the Philippines. There are believed to be as many as 6.7 million drug abusers according to figures from 2004- this is a dramatic increase from 1972 when there was only believed to have been around 20,000 drug users in the Philippines. The most commonly abused drugs in the Philippines include: Marijuana,Heroin,Cocaine,Methamphetamine (locally known as Shabu)inhalants such as nitrates and gasoline. These can be a cheap way for people to get high and opium. Methamphetamine hydrochloride or "shabu" and marijuana are the illegal drugs preferred by one in every 29 Filipinos aged 10 to 44 years.(http://alcoholrehab.com) And in Digos City illegal drug use is one the arising problem by the government because of its incresing drug abusers and addiction.Inhalants are the most commonly used among street children. Marijuana mong teenagers .Marijuana are commonly sold out at different ways it can purchased at the market,marijuana planters or users in this municipality. Methamphetamine or commonly name as shabu is the most efficient drugs in this town and sold out at big time druglords.

Statement of the Problem

The primary concerned and purpose of this study was to determine the rate of drug addiction among youth of Digos City. The study will be conducted to answer the following questions. 1.The background of drug addiction of youth

2.The rate of drug addiction in Digos City in terms of:
2.1. Age
2.2. Gender
2.3. Job status
3. Is there an increasing rate happen of drug addiction in Digos City?

Scope and delimitation
This research study is only limited and conducted in the City of Digos ,Davao del Sur.The respondents of this study were selected people coming from the different barangays of this municipality.The respondents are mostly youth age range from 16-25 years of age mostly are unemployed.The drug addiction among youth of Digos City was also delimited more especially the cause and its reason.

Definition of Terms
Drug is a substance which may have medicinal, intoxicating, performance enhancing or other effects when...
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