Driving Ms. Crazy

Topics: Driving, Automobile, Wheel Pages: 4 (1515 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Ha’s Driving School
Re-cap what you have learned in the Driver’s Education Course and choose at least 2 topics that benefit you the most and why? Basic Maneuvers: When attempting to back your car in a parking spot, one must first bring the car to a complete stop if the car was in drive (D). Then shift the gear from drive or park (P) to reverse (R), with the brakes applied firmly. The driver should then turn his or her body around enough to see the rear window while still maintaining good control on the gas and brake. Looking in the same direction the rear of the vehicle is moving and always checking for conflicts in an adequate way should follow. The driver should ease off the brake pedal and loosen his or her hand grip on the steering wheel leaving the hand grip in the 12 0’ clock position. Turning in the direction you want the rear of the vehicle to go and using your left hand to back straight back or go right should follow next. Lastly, the driver should use his or her right hand to back to the left. Basic Maneuvers benefit me the most because they allow for me to fully have control of the vehicle and where it needs to go. Knowledge of basic maneuvers like what speed to use, when to turn, ways to turn, which lane to go and why use gas help the driver to carefully navigate the car. Basic maneuvers also help with turning the care left or right from one lane to the other.  Highway Driving: Highway driving requires a special set of driving skills and rules. It is different from other types of driving, so the approach of driving on the highway should be tailored. Among other things, the driver must know the condition of his or her car, know how to use the interchanges, and plan ahead as to where he or she desires to go. City Driving (picture): When driving in the city it is very important to be aware of your surroundings when approaching an intersection. Five houses back start scanning the scene of the intersection. Start at corner #1 and move your eyes...
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