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Topics: Insurance, Price, Automobile Pages: 4 (800 words) Published: February 13, 2013
We are going to explore the basics of car insurance. We are then going to do a comparison of car insurance prices on the car you think you will be driving vs. the car of your dreams.

1. Go to the following web site:

2. Listen to the introduction, enter your zip code and select start. (if necessary you can change your language to Spanish)

3. Listen to each segment- after he has finished the segment slide the bars to where needed to indicate the car you plan to be driving when you begin to learn. If necessary you may have to search the web to get the original list price- this is ok. If you are unsure if the car is paid off or not select financed (when you go to purchase you first car this will most likely be the option you will select)

4. Select next, listen to the segment and then complete the next section of selections as if you are working, in college, or are an adult. Try to be realistic we are not all going to make $100, 000.

5. Select next, listen to the segment and then complete the next section of selections as you are working, in college. Again try to be realistic.

6. Fill in the chart below using the information provided by this site

Type of Insurance Coverage| Coverage Amounts|
Bodily Injury Liability| |
Property Damage Liability| |
Uninsured Motorist bodily Injury| |
Medical Expense Benefit| |
Collision| |
Comprehensive| |

7. Now select get a quote online, enter zip code, Select get a ball park estimate with out giving your name (green box)

8. Allow it to load then select start, add a driver- this is you we are going to pretend this is your car and you are the only driver, select age and number of accidents then select next to continue to vehicles, select the year, make, and model of your car (you can look up on line if necessary), select next to continue to background and fill in information – pretend like...
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