Free Donuts and Coins Cheats: Motor World Car Factory on Android iPhone

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Free Donuts and Coins Cheats in Motor World Car Factory on Android iPhone

Read walkthrough of how to get more coins in motor world car factory on ipad ipod 1. Sell the Berliner Donk to earn gigantic profits of thousands of coins in a short amount of time. 2. Keep building the cheaper cars, load up the dealership with them then sell it to earn 14,000 to 15,000 coins. 3. Keep building Berliner Donks and start putting more than one at a time in your dealership while adding it with all of the options to be sold faster. Do this with any other more-expensive cars that you unlock. 4. Build new buildings in the spots to the right of the dealership, which you can use to coin-farm by collecting from them. 5. Always set the price on all of your cars such as Berliner Donks in the dealership before you leave to make the maximum profit on every car that you sell so that you increase the profit margin to the maximum possible level. 6. Press shift RIGHT to get the car hit redline and get the fastest in your race. Pay attention in first gear right after the race begins, because your car will redline so quickly in first gear.

Getting free doughnuts in motor world car factory game on iphone 4s 1. When you gain an experience level, start spending all of your donuts on leveling up your workers, and then tap the car to continue building it or to sell it, whatever the situation is then collect all the donuts when you gain that level. 2. Try to close the app and restart it with GameCenter to get a free donut refill, as well as a whole bunch of easy level ups to refill donuts. 3. Try to set the game down for 5-10 minutes then get back to the game to have a donut or two that you can spend. 4. PLaying a mystery card has a chance of earning you more donuts, as does catching a random wanted person when the game prompts you.

Increase quality score for cars and brand in motor world car factory 1. Feed your employees donuts to upgrade their skills.
2. Go to the research area and...
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