Drivers Annoy Me

Topics: Automobile, Driving, Parking space Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Drivers Annoy Me
Ever since I was a child, I loved to drive go-carts. Eventually, my passion manifested into a love for driving cars. Driving is a lot of fun because I have the freedom to go wherever I please, and having the ability to drive is priceless. One of the best gifts that a parent can give to a sixteen year old is allowing him to get his permit, and license. Evener since I started driving on my own, the way people drive gives me road rage because they take away from the fun of driving. Many drivers tend to go slowly, some do not follow the rules of the driver’s manual, and some do not abide by the unspoken “parking etiquette.” I cannot enjoy driving when I have to be concerned about how badly someone else is driving. I wish others would drive well so I can enjoy the entire driving experience.

I dislike driving behind people who go under the speed limit because I love to drive fast. For instance, while driving locally, people sometimes drive 30 miles per hour on a 45-mile per hour road. What makes driving behind a slow driver is when another driver cuts me off and subsequently drives slowly; I think that is very inconsiderate especially because I could potentially be in an accident. While driving on the highway from time to time, I drive behind others who go below 65 mile per hour in the furthermost left lane, know as the “fast lane.” Fast drivers drive on the furthermost lane, and driving slowly prevents others from doing so. Similarly, there some drivers on the highway who like to slow done for no reason. In particular, there are sometimes when drivers in front of me on the highway slow down when there is no one surrounding him. All I want from other drivers is for them to drive at least the speed limit, drive in the lane that matches how fast they will drive, and continually move without unnecessary braking.

I think that some people have not read the driver’s manual. To begin, there are some people who do not user their turn signals when...
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