Dream Vacation

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  • Published : April 7, 2012
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Dream Vacation

Eighty-five degrees, suns out, sand in your toes, a couple of brews, and you family and friends. That sounds like everyone dream vacation, but who would complain that sounds like a great time. You see during the summer I would love to take a couple of my friends to go see Dave Matthews Band play somewhere in the southwest. Seeing a concert probably isn’t the most exciting thing to do in a dream vacation, but as a group of friends we could do something so simple and have the best time ever.

If my friends couldn’t come with I honestly think I would not want to go. My friends and I have all grown up together and have become so close that doing anything without one of them is just weird. We would get to this concert by car or plane, but I think if we took a car we could technically call it a road trip so it would make much more memorable.

I wouldn’t bring my family because they would set rules, and on this vacation I just want to let everything go and have the best time of my life.What would be even better than just going to see Dave once, would be if my friends and I followed him on tour all summer! Unfortunately I don’t have that kind of cash, but I will have enough for this dream vacation, road trip when I start working in the summer and I can’t wait.
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