Dream Job Speech

Topics: Psychology, Third World, The Animals Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Sylvia Mason
Mr. Pettibone
Period 4
5 April 2013
Dream Job
Just image, the four gray walls closing in on you, pitter patter of fingers on keys, no personal items on the desk and wearing the same boring outfit day after day. It sounds like paradise, don’t you think? No? You don’t think so? How about, traveling around the world, exploring new places, learning and discovering new animals, treating the sick in the most remote places? Better? I think so. A dream job should be something that you feel right doing, knowing that in some way, big or small; you are helping your community. For me the perfect job would be an exotic vet.

I have known since a young age that my place in the world was to help toughs who couldn’t help themselves. Even at the age of 5 or 6 I remember loving animals and whenever I saw a ran over animal on the side of the street I would feel a pang of sympathy for it. At the time I just thought I was from seeing it dead, but now I realize that it was my love of them. I feel like I’m drawn to hurt creatures and need to help them. My hope is to go to a good collage like Wazoo. I want to be an exotic vet because I feel like the animals in more remote places don’t get the attention they need. In places like Africa tend to focus more on the needs of the people rather than the animals. This is reasonable though, first you need to take care of yourself before anything else.

For me learning about other things like marketing and law is boring and I lose interest in it very quickly. Whereas health and animals keep me interested and I find it fun and easy to learn and retain the information. People always tell me that if I go into the health business I’m going to have to put animals down and perform surgery and how they don’t believe I’m strong enough to do that. But I know that doing things like putting an animal down or performing surgery is what is best for the animal so it doesn’t have to be in pain anymore.

To sum it all up, my dream job...
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