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Job Title: Cricketer (Batting All-rounder)| Hours of Work: As per the schedule of Board Different Tournaments ODI, TEST MACTHES, T20. Practice sessions in nets, Fitness Camps | Responsible to: Team Principal| Location: As per calendar year of Board in different countries/continents | Salary: As per Board Policy | Length of Contract: One year |

Purpose of Role:Primary:To BAT for team and score runs as per the conditions and nature of the game, Ready to accept any Batting position as per situation and in the benefit of the team, accelerate the tempo of Batting, Bowl occasionally as a part timer to give lead Bowler rest and get the middle overs quickly and economically, Swift in the field ready field in any position Secondary:Attend sponsorship events for the team, and interviews to the media.| Tools and Equipment used: * Bat and Bowl * Safety equipment such as a Halmet, Pads, Chest Guard, Glubs, Wrist pad etc * Bowling machine, Nets etc * Energy Drink and water packets for hydration during play| Working Conditions: * Conditions will be varied, ranging from day to night matches. * Changing climate, long tournaments will take toll on body. | Hazards: * Despite of all the precautions there will be a physical injury such as hamstring injury, back injury etc * Also playing for country takes a huge mental toll on player | Job Specification

Requirement| Essential| Desirable|
Age| No age limit but preferably 18+| 21 – 32|
Appearance and Physical Abilities| Extreme body conditioning, specific for the sport of Cricket| | Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills| Must have played at domestic level with good performance and batting average above 50.| Excellent technical skillsIn batting with good temperament.| Experience| At least 3 seasons of Domestic league preferably Ranji, Dulip etc.| At least 5 seasons of Domestic league preferably Ranji, Dulip etc.| Personality| PatientHard WorkingDedicatedSelf-MotivatedReliableTeam OrientedAdaptable| EnthusiasticGood public personalityGood public imageStable| Special Characteristics| No hearing lossNo major physical impedimentsNo specific mental illnesses which might negatively affect and team-specific duties| Above average reflex speedsAdvanced logical thinking abilityGood mental stabilityAbility to absorb mental pressure.|

Selection Process


Employ the candidate

Medical, physical and mental assessment of candidate
Finalize contract terms

Test of candidate for one tour

Open contract talks if candidate seems interested

Upon identifying a potential candidate, approach his agent

Use scouting network to scout for potential candidates


Promote said candidate to the main team

Consult senior team players and coach about his suitability

Identify potential candidates from such school or B-Team

Conduct tournaments at school level and at domestic level

Selection Process I:
i. Have a scouting network in place. The sole purpose of this network will be to identify current Players from competing teams or other leagues, who would meet the requirements, set for being a team member. ii. If the scouts identify a suitable candidate, the same would be communicated to the team selector, who would then himself or through an intermediary, approach the candidate. iii. The agent would then further communicate the team’s interest in him to the candidate, who would then respond positively or negatively, based on his interest in joining the team. Contract negotiations would commence post this. iv. Candidate will be tested in practice games of team

v. A medical, physical and mental assessment of the candidate would be done subsequent to the practise match, just before finalising the contract. vi. Based on the candidate’s performance in the practice games and the medical assessments, the contract would be finalised, with the various negotiated factors....
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