Leadership Summative

Topics: Golf, Golf equipment, Golf ball Pages: 4 (921 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Lesson Plan #1 (Low Irons)
Equipment Required- proper golf attire (no cut offs, tank tops), soft spike golf shoes or running shoes, hat, sunblock, glove (optional), clubs if you bring you own but rentals are available. Warm up; Group Stretch-

* Neck Rotations
* Arm rotations
* Posterior shoulder stretch
* Anterior shoulder/chest stretch
* Forearm and wrist stretch/ extensions
* Hip rotations
* Lateral back stretch
* Toe touches
* Quadriceps stretch
* Calf stretch

Safety Considerations- golf is a very safe sport as long as a few basic, common sense rules of safety are followed. When those rules are ignored injuries can occur. If you are not paying attention to swinging clubs around you than you could be in danger. On the other hand, if you have the golf club it is your responsibility that your playing partners are a safe distance away from your swing. Golf safety also involves protection from too much sun exposure. Also, being aware of thunderstorms in your area and proper procedure of evacuating the course in case of a lighting strike. It is also very important for your body to have fluids on warm days so you don’t get dehydrated. Always make sure players ahead of you are out of your range before hitting your ball. Yell “fore” as loud as you can if your ball is heading of course onto another fairway or towards another person. If you hear fore make yourself as small as possible or crouch behind your golf bag, tree, etc. Rules and Guidelines- golf rules and guidelines include etiquette, course safety, course care, and manners. Here are some simple rules for beginner golfers. 1. There is a 14 club limit per golf bag

2. Make sure you have plenty of tees and golf balls
3. Must have a ball mark repair tool, to repair ball marks left on the greens 4. Make a tee time
5. Dress code, find out what the dress code is at the course your will be playing at 6. Bring...
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