Dr. Seuss "The Cat in the Hat", Order vs. Chaos

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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Order and Chaos
If you wanted to understand order vs. chaos better, one might look into the world renowned books of Dr. Seuss. His literature is not only clever and fun to read, but it also holds a lot of messages if you look deep enough. Reading one of his famous books, The Cat in the Hat, you can depict the Order vs. Chaos by looking at the Cat (Chaos) and the Goldfish (Order). The Cat at one point balances a teacup, some milk, a cake, three books, the Fish, a rake, a toy boat, and even his umbrella while he’s on top of a ball just to upset the Goldfish. The cat can be referred to as overwhelming Chaos who is despised by Order. The fish, though, is too paranoid and uptight while not paying attention to the fun in life. The fish is referred to as overwhelming Order. Now what’s the balance? Well, the kids are the balance. While overwhelming Chaos is trying to entertain them and persuade them to take part in his activities and overwhelming Order is trying to straighten them up as strict as possible, the kids do neither. The kids listen to both ideas, though, but do not take part in either. I feel Dr. Seuss showed his true creativity by symbolizing how too much Chaos or too much Order can become overwhelming and dominate someone’s life in a bad way and showing that a balance between both can be a healthy way to live.

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