Dr. Faustus Character Moral Dilemmas

Topics: Hamlet, William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Comparison of the moral dilemmas experienced by the characters Hamlet and Faustus

The moral dilemmas of the character Hamlet and Faustus are similar in nature regarding their conflict in taking decision in a given situation. The character Hamlet in the play “Hamlet” by Shakespeare justifies his decision to kill his uncle Claudius who is responsible for the death of his father. In the same way character Faustus in the play “Doctor Faustus” by Christopher Marlowe thinks that his decision to study the art of magic is justifiable. Hamlet since he comes to know that his uncle is responsible for the death of his father he becomes restless; his motive remains to kill his uncle Claudius. The conflict is between his moral nature and the act of revenge. He has strong love on his father; he dislikes the dishonor of his mother and the villainy of his uncle which prompts him to take revenge on the King Claudius. On the other hand his nobility of soul, his idealism, principles and his religion revolt against his decision of brutal act. He is torn within and suffers great spiritual torture. Hamlet is unable to take his uncle’s life while he is in his prayer. Hamlet declare in Shakespeare (2008), O, this is hire and salary, not revenge. (Act III, Scene iii, 79) He thinks that when he is in his prayer if he kills Claudius then he will not go to hell but to heaven. Then it would not be revenge but doing him a service just as a man when he is hired for committing a crime is paid some reward. He postpones his decision of killing his uncle so that he will be punished accordingly by God for his sins. In Hamlet revenge is a political as well as moral issue. Hamlet asks in Shakespeare (2008), Does it not, think’st thee, stand me now upon, __...... In further evil? ( Act V, Scene ii, 63-70)

He asks Horatio his great friend that whether he is justified for to kill his uncle who is responsible for the death of his...
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