Downloading Music from the Internet

Topics: World Wide Web, Concert, Art Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: April 15, 2008
Downloading Music from the Web:
We believe that even though downloading free music from the internet might not be right in the eyes of the artist that as a consumer we still find ways to support the artist. We pay for their shirts, hats and concert tickets. Plus there are still people out there who do buy their music. If music fans everywhere decided to start downloading from the internet I am sure that the music companies would find some way to make the consumer pay for it. Yes, they are losing a lot of money from the millions of people who download music, but they still make millions with their concerts and possibility of being able to lend music to a commercial. Plus there is always a good chance that people download songs of artists they have never heard before, if they like what they hear they become a fan and the artist makes more money from future purchases from that individual. If you look at the music industry itself the artists are split on the idea of free music on the internet. You find that those who love music for the sake of music don’t mind people downloading their songs from the internet and in fact have put their songs on their website for free. Where as the ones who only got into the business for the money are the ones complaining. Granted they have a right to complain, but seriously how much money do you need??
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