Dove Report

Topics: Marketing, Beauty, New product development Pages: 8 (1473 words) Published: May 2, 2013

1. Introduction

2. Evolution

3. Products

4. Marketing Environment

5. Behavior of the customer

6. Market segmentation

7. Market Mix

8. Revenue and Behavior

9. Identity

10. Logo

11. Personality

12. Customer value


* Dove is a self-care brand which is owned by The Unilever and was established in 1930 by the Lever Brothers and Margarine Union.

* Unilever is a leading manufacturer and marketer of food, drinks, cleaning products and personal care products. It also branded Knorr, Lipton, Surf, Vaseline, Lux, AXE, Pond’s and Lifebuoy.

* Dove has grown from a US-only soap to a global success today.

* The brand targeted women firstly, with having almost young ladies as their representatives in all the stores.

* Later, It launched products for men as well resulting in a positive response which was a great booze to the company.

Dove brand has its vision as follows :

“Dove” is committed to helping all women realize their personal beauty potential and grow their self-esteem by creating products that give real intensive care for their skin. Dove believes in real and inner beauty, that it thinks should be important for every woman.


* 1940’s– Formula for Dove bar

* 1950’s – Refined to original Dove Beauty Soap

* 1960’s – Launched in the market in US.

* 1970’s – Popularity Increased as a SOFT soap

* 1980’s – Became leading brand along many other brands


* Marketing objectives:

1. Dove aims at expanding the definition of beauty for all women. It wants to elevate sales of its natural milky and soft products.

2. Dove wants to exchange ideas, debates, and conversation about factual sense of natural beauty. It wants to increase sales by overall 33 percent in every 6 months.

3. To increase the Return on Equity ratio of the company by 5% in every 6 months.

* Marketing Strategies:

1. Dove wants to identify women who use beauty products, women who are well aware about beauty and care, women having the minimum purchasing power for the products.

2. Dove’s business is to provide services classically available great businesses to tiny businesses for a part of the price, through the domestic employees and their connections.

* Market Development:

1. Making aware the existing consumers and making them realize the real and natural beauty lies in you which is being enhanced and purified by Dove products which is the main aim of Dove.

2. It basically means to Dove that customers become more aware about the product knowledge and information. And for that Dove has planned to provide demonstration with young ladies as the representatives.

3. Dove, also introduced the concept of the PH strip based test on the Dove beauty bars so that to gain more trust of the existing and new consumers.


1. "Buying behavior" is made up of both internal and external factors that determine why consumers buy and use certain products and services. This can affect a marketing strategy that a business tends to promote its products, and when this behavior is analyzed, it can guide a business toward better marketing strategies and methods that it might not have originally used.

2. Customers tend to change their choices when they want, though some become habitual for some products. That is, they like the product, Its components, smell, price, etc.

3. One of the basic economic theories that drive marketing is that of supply and demand. If consumers want and the demand is high, the supply will automatically rise in ratio to the demand.

4. Routine buying behavior is the obvious response that consumers are habitual of buying some products and services. Usually these type of products are not expensive, such as cars or...
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