Dove Promotianal Mix

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Dove promotional mix
The purpose of dove’s promotional mix is to promote and advertise their product to the public to gain interest and awareness about what they have to offer. By promoting their product they are trying to increase sales of this anti-aging lotion and also increase the profit coming into the business. Also they aim to gain more interest in the brand so that they will be able to sell more of their products. Dove uses advertising by commercially advertising themselves on mobile devices, for example if you have an app open on your smart phone adverts will usually pop up at the bottom of the app, dove uses this space to advertise themselves to gain the attention of a large amount of consumers. They also use visual advertising in the form of TV adverts; these adverts are usually plain and simple so that it is just focused on the product and nothing else. They are simple but not boring therefore it holds the customers attention throughout while they are watching it. Dove uses a variety of PR companies, they do this to that their products get more recognition by the public, the PR companies will find a celebrity to be placed in the dove adverts or get a celebrity to be seen purchasing the product. This will then increase the sales of that product because more people will want/ be willing to buy it if a celebrity is seen buying it or using it. Dove uses sales promotion methods to promote their products, an example of this is when they give out free samples of one of their products; they will give out free samples to a large amount of the public this will the gain the interest of consumers, if the customers like the free sample that they have been given then they will be more likely to go and buy a large version of that product. Dove also uses sponsorships to promote their products. They promote various rugby teams to get recognition of a large number of potential customers. By sponsoring large well-known names they are able to get interest of their brand and certain products across on a large scale. Dove use promotion to support their ‘real beauty’ corporate image. The majority of their forms of promotion use normal people that you would see every day opposed to super models or famous good looking people, by doing this they are retaining their image that they want to show to the public. The public feel that they can relate more to the people that are used in the advertisements and promotions therefore they will be more likely to go out and buy these products that they are seeing advertised by ‘normal’ people. Dove tends to use short term advertising more than long term advertising. They will generally produce a new advertisement for the company every 2-6 months and then air it once one of their adverts has been out for 3-7 months (depending on how well the advert is doing). Dove will use long term advertising if the advert is increasing sales and profits for the business; if this is the case then the advert can stay on air for up to 10-12 months. Dove generally opts for short term advertising as this gives the consumers the feeling that dove are always improving on their image and releasing new and better products more often than competitors and other similar brands. Doves target market started off as women of any age, shape, and size and men of any age. But now dove is fine tuning their products towards women of the age of 50 or older. As they are starting to release more anti-aging creams and lotions dove thought that it would be wise to target the older generation as they are the people that will buy these products that dove are manufacturing. Dove believes that everyone wants to look young for as long as they can so this is why they are targeting older people as they will want to buy these products so that they can look as young as they can for as long as they can. Dove mainly operate in business to business marketing as they don’t have a specific dove shop where customers can go into and buy certain dove...
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